Here are 2 custom tool and die tables for ABC Supply in Beloit, WI. It was an honor to be given the opportunity to build these for them.

This is a commercial dryer unit that has a stripped bolt, and 2 other bolts that were snapped off. We were able to go into their facility, and replace all 3 studs to get the unit back up and running.

The semi trailer had a crack in the frame, and all the bolts were sheared off. We were able to jack up the rear end, weld the crack, and replace the bolts to get him back on the road.

Here is a custom smoker trailer that was made out a very thick walled tank. The customer previously started the project a year ago, and we picked up where he left off.

Here is the before and after of a hand rail that was backed into at Granger by a semi truck. There is still some existing damage, but this is all the customer wanted done.

Storage rack modification, and I-beam removal

Hospice Memorial Reinforcement

Boat Dock Repair

Farmer wanted the gap at the top of their gate narrowed to prevent pets from wandering out, so we fit up and welded round tube in the middle on-site.

Today we completed an order for a Dick's Sporting Goods. They requested we make 35 custom burglar bars for their location in Rockford, IL. The burglar bars are to prevent a break and entry from the roof. Feel free to give us a call with any project you may have going on! We're capable of serving the residential, commercial, and farming areas.

Commercial Staircase Repair

Here is a custom aluminum door a customer had requested for his sub basement. The wood door he had did not seal properly, and wanted one made out of aluminum.

Completed project in Rockford, IL. All 4 plates have been fit up and welded to the existing columns. We had to have 2 alignment pins machined so we could place the 100lbs plates in their correct positions, boom lift the plates one at a time up in the air, place the plates on the column 50ft in the air, and run a multi pass 5/16" 3G fillet weld on each side. The brackets will support the 5ton weight of the sign that will be erected. We will post updated photos of once the sign has been installed.

We not only build, but take apart as well! This is a 20 year old stair case in a commercial building where the General contractor wanted it taken down. With the proper tools and knowledge this stair case didn't stand a chance. Always with safety in mind we had this job done in no time. Call us today at 815-828-6131 to discuss your future project!

Here is a completed project in Rockford, Il. We removed the bolts from a structurally compromised I-beam, and welded the angle iron in 4 locations.

Converting a safety rail into a gate for a dental equipment supplier.

Rust removal from apartment staircases. Along with repair to structural damage caused by the rust.

On-site firepit grill fabricated at a customer's house. No matter how big or small your project may be we will be glad to assist you on getting it done! Call today for a quote at (815) 828-6131.

We were given a picture, and a customer wanted one made with real horseshoes. They were extremely pleased. Made to order.

Safely tab broke off of a cardboard compactor at a local restaurant in Rockford. Fit up and welded the replacement tab on site.

A different version of the amazing grace cross.

Removal of beams that extend past the roof.

2 legs on these rails were rusted out, and not attached to the house. Replaced the bad sections, and fabricated 2 brackets to secure the rails to the house.

Motorcycle front wheel lock, fabricated side arms, and caster wheels. 4 eye bolts to strap down the bike, and 2 eyebolts for the wench.

Amazing Grace horseshoe cross. Message us now and order yours!

Welds not only have to serve a purpose, but be visually appealing. Don't chance your job on a hobbyist. Leave it to the experts. We beat ALL competitor prices.

3D Design

Piping system for local schools in Rockford.

The LB Foster machine when it was just in progress.

Oddballs too.

Square and deadly accuracy is our specialty. Small weldments can be turned around the same day.

Fit up and welded